CNN Anderson Cooper using the FAKE manifesto from Christopher Dorner to push whatever agenda he is pushing. MUST WATCH!!

The real manifesto is here




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  • oimamused

    It’s time for you to accept the reality that the original IS? 22 pages long and the first release was a truncated 11 page version. Now NBC has finally posted all 22 pages. You’re just flat wrong. wwwDOTnbclosangelesDOTcom/news­/local/Cop-Revenge-Shooter-Nam­ed-Names-in-Manifesto-blamed-A­sians-Hispanics-and-Lesbians-1­90218051.html

  • rabenatz

    Dude, the complete version of the manifesto is not fake. This is why no one takes you conspiracy nuts seriously. You just through any bs out there, claim whatever just went to your mind a fact while you can never produce and evidence or proof.

    “(..)to push whatever agenda he is pushing.”

    Well, that sums you guys up. Most of the time you don’t even know what benefit anyone would have from the “conspiracies” you made up. You just know that everything is fake. This is particularly funny because Cooper is usually called left or even extreme left by the teabagger and gun nuts ilk, even though he is one of the few journalists out there who tries to be as neutral as possible. But for some reason it would be his agenda to present a “fake” manifesto that portrays Dorner (partially, since his ramblings are confused) as a hardcore liberal. That makes so much sense. NOT!