CNN claiming Trump had nothing to do with $50 billion and 50k jobs from Softbank, yet give no reason why they went directly to Trump and signed a deal with Trump and not the sitting president when they have had the funds ready since October.

Oh, did I mention the car of Softbank directly cited the policies of deregulation that Trump is pursuing as the motivating factor in their investment.

They have now moved to implying that the $50 billion dollar deal does not exist. Despite the Softbank CEO literally holding a contract and offering to show the press as proof while Trump was making his announcement.

Before The CEO Said It Directly To Fox, They Were Saying It Had Nothing To Do With Trump And Put Out Articles Insinuating It Was Going To Be Invested Anyway. (see Below)

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“President-elect Donald Trump is claiming credit for a $50 billion investment in the United States by a Japanese tech conglomerate — a deal he says wouldn’t have happened without him. The company, SoftBank, hasn’t given details. But in October, weeks before the election, SoftBank and the government of Saudi Arabia agreed to form a $100 billion fund to invest in technology companies around the world.”




Bloomberg, claims Trump not responsible, that this is just a front for Trump to enact a merger, and many other negative claims:

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Business insider claims this was going to happen no matter what AND that the deal is worse than most…..


Vanity fair writer:


Reuters, still claiming not because of trump:


WAPO claiming “experts” say Trump and Softbank CEO are lying and that the money would have been invested anyway. Clearly they know better than the man in charge of the fund…


This is the fake news for ya people. When I can find the on air comments on CNN I will add them.


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