CNN is Fake News: Top 5 Reasons CNN Gets Called “Fake News”

Jay Fayza of looks at the things CNN does all the time that have led viewers to distrust the once-mighty news network. MORE:…


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  • Greg Straw

    Top 5 reasons CIA,CIA,CIA,CIA CIA…..


    Their top operative is Anderson Cooper, an admitted CIA agent.

  • JMG

    I don’t know how CNN defines journalism. How about just reporting the facts and letting us make up our own minds? What a noble and simple concept that is. An example of what I’m getting at is that they at first called the ‘travel ban’ a ‘Muslim ban’. Why didn’t they just show what the executive order said and the facts around the reasons for it’s implementation. Not only did they get it wrong, but it appears like they purposefully misled the public. Further, they clearly to do not like the current president and don’t even try to hide their dislike for him. CNN is so bad that, they never bother to fact check, they get it wrong often, are never in depth on anything except propaganda, do not show the other side of any story, and do not give enough facts to inform the viewer of anything. CNN may not be fake news, but certainly has no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

  • Darlene Krug-Savell

    Publishing “classified Information” is a CRIME…that is NOT fake news…..pAYING “THUGS” TO ATTACK AND DESTROY PROPERTY IS A CRIME….These acts are being advocated and supported and defended by SOROS/Clinton/OBama and someone needs to hold them accountable for SEDITION AND TREASON NOW.

  • PJ London

    The whole argument is nonsense. The one and only reason that CNN shows anything is MONEY. Advertising revenues.
    By their own admission, they said that 44 and a 1/2 minutes of Trump’s 45 minute speech was ignored, because it was not ‘Controversial.’ They are only interested in ‘Gotcha’ moments, people don’t look to CNN for education, but for excitement, arguments, screaming matches, controversy and fights. That is what draws viewers and viewers are what generates revenue.
    If they could get away with having Conway and Church in a naked oil wrestling match rather than a debate they would do it in the blink of an eye. Cooper, Cuomo and Blitzer in wrestling trunks against Trump, people would pay good money to watch that, heck, I would pay good money to watch that.
    CNN and the others are hurt angry and seriously wounded (in revenue) from the beating they took in the election and getting it so wrong. Like poker players rather than chess players, they keep on ‘doubling down’. What they don’t understand (they really don’t) is that they lost, they are holding a busted flush and Trump is holding all the aces. The majority of Americans want the kind of country and world that Trump represents, not the one that Clintons, Madonna, Cooper and Blitzer inhabit. Not the one represented by TSA, CIA, DHS and all the other freedom stealers, not common core and safe spaces, not ‘show me your ID’, not ‘comply or I will shoot’.
    The 1% who control the advertising budgets and therefore the CNN content, will also learn. Google, Facebook, Sony, the pharmaceuticals, the oil and energy, the finance and insurance world will have to face up to a new reality.
    They also don’t understand the phrase ‘Walk softly and carry a big stick’.
    If they keep this up, they may get to learn the meaning.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Jake Tapper is the worst of them all .. he can’t hide his hatred and contempt for anyone or anything that does not agree with his New World Order madness.


    CNN has such a long history of gross and stupid behavior that you might think people would just stop watching.

    But we all know memories are short, extremely short sometimes. And besides, some people just like the noise of the television as company at times.

    I can remember how CNN literally dogged a poor security guard named Richard Jewell over the Atlanta Olympics bombing.

    Perhaps they had a tip from the famously incompetent FBI, an organization which has pulled such stunts many times, but they had not one speck of evidence because, in fact, Richard Jewell was innocent.

    They would do moronic bits like photographing the poor man as he left home for work, have a clumsy reporter stick a microphone in his face, and keep filming as he ignored the reporter and drove off.

    Pictures of a car driving down a street with a reporter standing open-mouthed holding his microphone passing for news.

    The guard proved not only totally innocent but something of a minor hero. The real killer proved later to be an anti-abortion maniac. It was totally wrong and shabby.

    I recall also the sick piece of propaganda CNN tried to pass off at the time America was bombing the crap out of Afghanistan.

    They had a ridiculous video supposedly produced in Osama’s mountain cave liar in which guys in a lab were developing chemical weapons and testing them on dogs.

    We saw the scurrying of undefined figures in sandals and other ludicrous touches.

    It was the most obviously contrived crap I’ve ever seen, and we learned those caves of Osama’s were simple and primitive shelters and nothing more.

    The killing of a dog was obviously intended to revolt the audience into cheering for the bombing.

    No responsible news organization would ever have broadcast it, but CNN is not, and never has been, a responsible news organization.

    I am sure someone could fill a book with such stuff. I long ago ceased watching the Clown News Network.

    They just work to keep the television screens full, full of something or other, and they pay hack journalists to voice over words that give an aura of suspicion or mystery or excitement.

    It keeps people having dinner on the couch or travelers in the hotel rooms watching, and it keeps the advertising rates up.

    A genuine piece of American junk culture.

  • Lophatt

    MSNBC is just as bad. It isn’t “news” by any stretch of imagination. It is pure Soros/New World Odor propaganda. Why does anybody watch it? It’s garbage.