COLLEGE SNOWFLAKES being taught to yell “OUCH!” when offended….

This is basically intense brainwashing. Its equating “offensive” speech with physical pain, as if there is no difference. Can’t be long until they introduce voice activated, bluetooth shock collars that respond to pre-programmed keywords.

Universities teach students and employees to yell ‘Ouch!’ when they are offended. The correct way to tell a classmate he said something offensive is to say “ouch,” and his correct response, “oops.” “This document is intended to be a resource for addressing difficult or challenging topics in the classroom,” and while faculty are not “required to utilize” the handbook, it will help them “engender the broadest possible perspectives” and “maximize free speech in the classroom,” it says.



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  • Steve

    The absurdity of the PC snowflake crowd is far off the meter, there is no meter capable of registering it.

  • Jack

    Cheezis K. Reist!!!!

  • Philadelphian

    Hate speech legislation is waiting to be introduced. What the jews did to Europe they plan to do to us. All our privately owned guns are the only reason they haven’t started putting patriots into their FEMA camps for eradication.

    • amuncat

      You are probably quite right!!! The more the videos go out of us shooting the krap out of someone of “making me mad” the more they will hold off!

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    I can’t wait until they get out into the REAL world and try to pull that garbage. No one will be saying oops back to them as they are not in on the scam. Time to grow up there Snowflakes and face reality….but then college doesn’t teach you anything anyway….and just charges you outragous sums to baby sit your fat arse and give you a worhless “degree” that is more suitable to be used as toilet paper.

  • sleat

    I knew a sociopath for whom “ouch” was a “trigger word”. Hearing that word, he would fly into an uncontrollable rage, often taking it out on those nearby with acts of unspeakably violent retribution for triggering him. “Whatever” seemed to have a similar effect. You could tell it was starting when he began muttering, then screaming “ouch? Ouch? OUCH?!”

    I once heard him say “Whatever all right with you, is it? You sure?”

    Sadly, there may be more like him which may make saying “ouch” a bit counterproductive.

  • bye kido

    Don’t you think you should watch the whole video before you spout some nonesene?

    • amuncat

      I did and it’s still “nonesene” (sic)! Learn to spell before you admonish! No, next time take the time to use the red squiggle lines under a word as a signal to spell check! Oops/ouch! Did that hurt your feelings? If was something someone was suppose to tell you…snowflake!

      • bye kido

        Thanks.I changed it. You shouldn’t criticize people’s English and then screw it up yourself. Just think how pathetic your world view is that you have to react to a video that you probably don’t really understand. But that’s the point, huh?The world is moving too fast for you now, and it has left you by the wayside. instead of trying to understand the new world you bitterly cling to a myth of a world that never existed. A world you pieced together from old TV. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

        • amuncat

          You know nothing about me, but you have revealed yourself by you laziness and carelessness, and you still think the world owes you respect. It’s earned!!! Not only that, the whole world is not going to love nor respect you!!! Get over it! Build some internal strength instead of expecting the world to coddle you! I’m a visible minority! I’m not a victim! Quite frankly, I don’t care what others think because I’ve learned that it’s not everyone’s obligation to like nor respect me…it comes from within! This Oop!, etc., business is a joke! “…world that never existed, …cling …to …myth! Go read a book first instead of trying to recall some nonsense from your dumbed down education!

          • bye kido

            Who has ever said anything about being owed anything? I never once typed anything remotely implying that I believe I am entitled to anything. You are just launching into right wing nonsensical tirade and spouting off every talking point. Watch the entire video and not just the commercial, It might just have something worth listening to . Also, if you are going to criticize others people’s grammar please be sure to not make any mistakes of your own.

          • amuncat

            You still don’t get it, do you? You feel as though everyone should like you and agree with you…otherwise they are racist, etc. This also implies that you’re suppose to go through life feeling good, supported by those around you! Life doesn’t work that way!

            To show how self centered you are, when I said you made a mistake, I specifically pointed it out to you and told you how to correct it! This is your second response in which you criticized my grammar but NEVER cited the instance. Typical, don’t know what you are talking about but keep repeating the same thing over and over substituting for the truth! Do some introspection…No need to reply, you obviously have other problems you should be working on. LOL

            P.S., I’m and Independent!

          • bye kido

            Where did I ever imply this? Sorry you are just wrong

  • amuncat

    I was doing a grammar check on my writing and it dinged me for using the word “Old Lady”! I’m old, how else would you describe me?!

    I tell people to get over it! Everybody is not going to like me! I have to just like and respect myself…no big deal. This is on the premise that everyone has to love and accept everyone…and nobody does!!!!

    • AverageMe

      I’m and OLD LADY, too LOL…….Yeah no ding but I did get an ouch…OOOOPS!

  • AverageMe

    Ouch and oooops? ROFLMAO