Coloradans Fighting Back against Democrat Tyranny!

Colorado is going to recall all the democrats that voted for gun control. It is happening! The people are standing up to these criminals that are imposing anti-constitutional gun control laws. They are rising up to RECALL these anti-American criminals. Here is a page where you can help and add your support.


In other good news, it looks like the El Paso County Sheriff is pressing the State Attorney to investigate these criminal democrats for even more criminal activity of extortion and influencing public officials. Oh boy, this should make for some good headlines aye!

Here is the info in an email received below.
“It was just a matter of time… Thank God for our County Sheriffs.

Sheriff Maketa!  GO FOR IT – we support you!

“Sheriff Terry Maketa of El Paso County, CO is going to press for an investigation against the Democrat leadership for extortion and influencing public, elected officials. The Dems are angry at the very large group of state sheriffs who testified against the anti-gun legislation. Sheriff Maketa made his serious statements on the radio station KVOR, the Jeff Crank show, in Colorado Springs between 9:30 – 10:00 AM. He will file charges with the Colorado State Attorney General’s office. Sheriff Maketa got an email from the Dem leadership to back off and change their collective positions on gun control or the Democrat legislature would hold up or stop legislation that effects sheriff’s pay throughout Colorado. Sheriff Maketa went on to say that this threat to pay does not effect him personally, but does other sheriffs in the state”.
This is CHICAGO politics at its best!!  We also urge everyone to go to the Basic Freedom Defense Fund ( and join in the fight to recall these worthless and corrupt Democrats including the governor if he approves these bills and signs them into law!”

The Radio Show from March 9, 2013:…

Call this sheriff in Colorado Springs and voice your support. Ramp this up and get loud. Here is a rally around the pole for us all to get involved in. United We Stand. Stop the gun grabbers cold short in Colorado before this virus spreads NOW!!!


Truther One


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  • johnnydow

    Oh Yessssss, I was wondering what happened to my once sensible state. Stop the liberal gun grabbers in their tracks here and now! I hope this isn’t just noise that goes away. Real Americans have to stand up and be counted.

  • claude dallas

    Oh yeah, lets see, Colorado and Wa. State legalized weed, and the feds are (chirping crickets) nowhere. But these two states are the model of gun control legislation! Can you say Commie backroom deal? We’ll let you smoke the weed while we move in and take your guns, trust us!

    The road to slavery starts at submission!

  • Pete

    Montanans are with ya, go get em!

  • Tommy Gun

    I hope soon the people in california get some balls to do the same ….specially with feinstein and company