Comey Was Pushed Into Admitting Something, It Shows The Deep State Is In Control

Comey and Rogers testified that there is not information that was given about the spying. Trey Gowdy got Comey to admit that those who leaked could have been working under Obama and that the FBI was not going after them. 702 allows the government to use backdoors to spy on the people of the US. There is complete chaos in France. Merkel starts to talk with Putin. IMF decides not to loan Ukraine anymore money. US wants Haftar to give back the oil ports. More troops head to the Middle East and Africa. Another Russian diplomat died, this makes 8. Diane Feinstein says Trump will resign.


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  • Lophatt

    He ought to be Number One on the hit list. He needs to go……now. Anyone else that aspires to the same things needs to follow him out the door. Each should get a good inspection for sedition. If its found, jail ’em.

  • altmail

    There is NO DEEP STATE!
    This new spooky term that Identifies NO One, just popped up in the last two months, and now everyone is using this new idiotic obfuscation.
    Before Deep state it was Illuminati and New World Order.
    The one thing all these stupid terms have in common is, that they all refer to, and point the finger at No one.
    It is an invisible boogeyman term, which never shines a light on the real culprits.
    Turn over any rock, where there is conflict, and we find Delusional Caucasians who identify as Jews or the not really Jews version the Jew”ISH”.
    We know who most of these people are.
    They Run everything in America and all over the world, and their leaders are all male members of the Rothschild Family.
    They own and control the world wide Money system, and through it the Governments, the Entertainment, the Media, the Medical and pharmaceutical industry, the food manufacturing and poisoning of it etc.. the list is never ending.
    Call it what it is!
    Stop being cowardly followers, who fall for using misleading terms, because you think it makes you sound cool, and call it what it is; JEWISH ORGANIZED CRIME.
    or if you want to be more specific; Rothschild’s Jewish Organized Crime!
    Name names and shine the light on the criminal, otherwise you are just spinning a cloak for crime to hide behind.