COMING CIVIL WAR – Police Admits its Preparing for War with Gun Owners & Constitutionalists

COMING CIVIL WAR – Police Admits its Preparing for War with Gun Owners & Constitutionalists

Shocking video provided exclusively shows a Washington state sheriff’s deputy proclaiming that law enforcement officers need armored military vehicles because of “constitutionalists” with firearms. Some Sheriff’s offices “just want to get rid” of “obsolete” vehicles, but they all love assault weapons LRAD sound weapon

The video, shot in September 2013, shows an army commander briefing the MPs on their new command structure under the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security for domestic operations with the National Guard.

The MP began recording the exchange after being shocked to hear that they were now under FEMA control. The footage, recently captured in Spokane Valley, begins with a local resident asking two deputies why police would need vehicles specifically designed for warfare abroad.

“I mean, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition,” one deputy says. “They have weapons here locally.” The startling admission not only points to active surveillance of legal gun owners, but of those who support the country’s founding document, further solidifying concerns among law-abiding citizens that police are receiving military equipment and training in order to target conservative Americans.

The deputy’s specific mention of “constitutionalists,” a broad term covering millions of Americans, as opposed to criminals in general, also indicates a clear training mindset linked to the FBI and Homeland Security, two groups which have absurdly labeled “liberty-lovers” as terror threats.

Such clear talking points are unsurprising given reports that Spokane County sheriffs have received training from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that ludicrously compares mainline conservative Americans to racist hate groups.

“Will law abiding citizens who love the Constitution and Rule of Law be hunted down with MRAPs?” Shea asked. “Constitutionalism is fundamental to being an American. To hate the Constitution and those who support it means you are a traitor to this country.”

Incredibly, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is not the first to cite patriotic Americans as reasoning for military hardware. u.s. police cops military MRAD “united states” constitution weapon rifle gun prepper prepare survival “emergency supplies” america “american dream” citizen citizenship collapse war ww3 “world war 3” army troops training “u.s. army” “national guard” “military industrial complex” movie trendy trending viral entertainment news video footage camera spy vehicle operation game enemy “video game” situation 2014 2015 control power rights liberty “u.s. constitution” veteran toys “elite nwo agenda” the road movie vice documentary alex jones infowars rant exposed truth sheeple george soros bilderberg illuminati symbolism false flag attack civil war race war agent provocateur end game executive order fema camp g4t coffin ebola demcad jsnip4 anonymous protest police brutality david icke montegraph

A police sergeant in Morgan County, Indiana admitted just last May that his department had obtained an armored vehicle in part because of returning military veterans, deemed domestic terror threats by Homeland Security in 2009.

A New York State Counter Terrorism Bulletin leaked to Infowars by concerned police that same year attempted to label anyone concerned with government gun confiscation as “far right” conspiracy theorists, even as admitted gun confiscation programs are used against law abiding citizens in states such as California.

The MIAC Report, a federal training document famously presented to Missouri police in 2009, went as far as falsely tying supporters of former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and the Constitution to “extremist groups” as well.

Despite a massive drop in police officer deaths, gun homicide and violent crime in the last 2o years, government agencies across the board continue to adopt military tactics in order to fight anything that represents traditional America. Luckily for Americans, peace officers who still respect their oath continue to serve throughout the United States. Newly leaked Marine Corps’ documents detail yet another military urban training center that more closely resembles a small U.S. town than a foreign combat zone


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  • fatwillie

    So they are afraid or worried about that which they took an oath to defend. Having weapons, or ammunition, is perfectly legal according to the 2nd amendment and others granted by the constitution, and these cops are being traitors, and admitting it publicly and should be rounded up and tried for treason. They took the oath willingly, but now to either having sold their souls or for a paycheck, or just to be part of the group are doing the opposite of their oath. How could anyone living in one of the communities where these cops are speaking out against their oath not be worried or concerned enough to get them removed, jailed tried, convicted and hung? It bothers me that they think not only that they can ignore the oath they took, but that they are going against the hand that feeds them like rabid dogs. Sorry I had to use dogs as an example, as dogs are better then these scumbags, and dogs are also a main victim of their abuse. I love dogs, and while God tells me I must love these scumbags, I am sorry but I am having a hard time trying to do that as they wish to not only harm but kill people they are suppose to love and protect. They reek of hypocrisy from the taking of their oath through just about all in their lives so that means they must be evil and have no souls left. Not to worry they can purchase all the equipment they think they want or need, but in the end they will just be hypocrites and cowards and bullies that will be out gunned, out manned, out smarted and defeated, Hell most of these little boys will turn and run at the first sign of the people finally standing up to them and their govt. of tyrants and we the people will then have their little toys. Hope they come with a set of instructions, as we might need them to operate. Real tough men real true believers know they need not all the armor, and the protection these cowards wear to accomplish their mission. Body armor is for those who are afraid of death, most likely because they know they have sold their soul. The soldier of God knows nothing can harm him unless God allows it, and he stands bravely in battle without the fear of death. This is why and what will be the downfall of not only these men in uniform that are cowards and bullies, but also those tyrants that give them orders and lead them.

  • Mick McNulty

    More than gun owners and constitutionalists they fear reprisal for their brutality. Some of the bad ones face being hanged and they know it.

  • Peace Love Bunny

    Oddly, when people initiate force and start a war, the war often comes and visits them.


    TO ALL POLICE, if you want to go to war with the people, remember this, they know where you live, they know if you have families, and if you kill one child, then your famlies will die also , REMEMBER THIS

  • M Fr Nch

    Which they will lose miserably and it will be a great day for the people. Go ahead prepare and prepare and do not forget to make arrangements for those final expenses, don’t your family to suffer for your stupidity.

  • lets befriends

    One misfired ricocheting bullet fired by the police would shatter that sound cannon on the MRAP into a hundred pieces. Just sayin’.

  • Clyde Weathers

    LEOs and soldiers who carry out talmudist ‘directives’ will meet the same fate as the talmudists themselves.