Computer Malfunction Halts The Market, A Cyber Attack Would Decimate It

The NASDAQ halted trading today on a computer glitch or was it for another reason. The US wants the UN Security Council to inspect the chemical used on the Syrian people to show that the Syrian government ordered it. The Syrian and Russian Government asked the UN Security Council to come into the country and inspect before this happened, another false flag to go to war. The FED now has a complete plan on how they are going to taper and the propaganda of cyber attacks are starting to hit the mainstream media so the collapse can be blamed on another country.


Weird Things Were Happening 2 Hours Before The NASDAQ’s 3-Hour Shutdown 


  • BATS “self-helps” against NYSE Arca for the first time between 10:19am and 10:26 am
  • BATS “self-helps” against NYSE Arca for the second time between 10:49 am and 11:13 am
  • During this interval NASDAQ has two periods of trading radio silence, when the Best Bid, and then both Best Bid and Best Ask, are locked.
  • About an hour later, AAPL slides on no news and breaches the $500 support level just around noon.
  • At 12:09 NASDAQ advises that it is “currently experiencing issues with quote submission to the UTP SIP.”
  • At 12:14 NASDAQ advises it is halting trading in all Tape C securities.
  • NASDAQ reopens at 3:25 pm; moments later NASDAQ declares self-help against NYSE Arca (as does BATS – for the third time).
  • At the same time, whether or not due to NYSE Arca or not, AAPL’s Best Ask is once again locked and is showing well below the Best Bid: i.e., a broken market.