Concourse Train Malfunction Causes Nightmare At Denver Airport… New TSA Screening Rolled Out On Busiest Days Of Year

DENVER (CBS4) – People will have some terrible travel stories to tell at the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

The concourse trains that run underground malfunctioned at Denver International Airport two different times Wednesday morning. A sensor fault meant the trains couldn’t operate on certain sections of the track. Airport officials said it was the first time a malfunction like this has happened, and it just happened to be on one of year’s busiest travel days.

“We’ve identified what happened and so they’re going to be troubleshooting why that happened and how they can prevent it from happening again,” said DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery. “We’ve never had this particular issue with the train system before, so it’s something new that happened this morning.”

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With TSA on the ropes, holiday travel may be a bear

A potentially record-setting uptick in travel this Thanksgiving will coincide with TSA’s implementation of new screening rules.



The Transportation Security Administration has bad news for tens of millions of Thanksgiving holiday travelers: Lines at airports may be even longer than usual as the agency tries once again to plug security holes in its baggage screening.

TSA is scrambling to respond to yet another damning investigation of its screening effectiveness, for the second time in little more than two years. And the agency is already phasing in revised security procedures — including those for passengers’ electronic devices — that could cause “a slight increase in wait times,” new TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in an interview.

“The procedure is new,” Pekoske said. “It’s new to passengers. It’s somewhat new to our screeners.”

The additional delays may not be as horrendous as the hourslong queues that left many passengers stranded at airports in the summer of 2016, a year after TSA leaders launched a crash course in security improvements in response to a previous failing grade from its inspector general.


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