Confirmed Kate Middleton is Pregnant

  • Prince William visits wife in King Edward VII Hospital for second time
  • Royal couple ‘reassured condition not dangerous for mother or baby’
  • Clarence House: ‘Catherine needs rest and will stay in for several days’
  • Pippa Middleton lives near hospital and is also set to comfort sister Kate
  • Mother Carole and father Michael are ‘elated’ with news despite illness
  • Couple are forced to reveal pregnancy weeks early because of ill-health
  • Doctors put 30-year-old Kate on a drip to restore fluids and nutrients


Prince William today arrived back at his pregnant wife Kate’s bedside looking hunched and tense as she spent a second day in hospital with acute morning sickness.

The Duke of Cambridge walked into the King Edward VII Hospital in central London with his head bowed as he went to comfort the Duchess, who has been on a drip to restore lost nutrients.


Clarence House told MailOnline that Kate is still expected to spend the next few days in hospital, and requires a ‘period of rest’ to recover from the rare illness that has left her weak and tired.

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Kate’s mother Carole Middleton is also planning to visit and smiled as she left the family home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, earlier today.

The duchess, who is less than 12 weeks pregnant, fell ill with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which makes it almost impossible to eat or drink, at her parents’ home this weekend.

The Duke and Duchess did not want to make the pregnancy announcement until Christmas but were forced to make a statement because of Kate’s hospital admission. The Queen had not been told until yesterday.

Despite the concerns over Kate’s health, her mother and father appeared relaxed and happy today as they drove to and from the family’s £4.85million country mansion.

Her father Michael, in a dark hunting jacket, smiled as he drove onto the family estate in his dark Range Rover at around 10.20am.

Soon after at 10.40am, a smiling Carole Middleton, dressed in a brown jacket and furry scarf, drove away in another dark Range Rover. She made no comment.


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