Congress Proposes Measure To Discard Obama’s Last Minute Regulations UPDATE: Wednesday, passed the Midnight Rules Relief Act

Congressional GOPs are acting with haste to foil President Obama’s latest attempt to obtain $44 billion in bills on the books before he leaves office for good in just two weeks time. The Congressional Review Act enables Congress to eradicate the executive order bu the current commander-in-chief.
The legislation’s purpose is “to stem a growing trend by Presidents, of both parties, to use their last few months in office to rush in costly, expensive or controversial new regulations,” stated GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, who has re-introduced the bill that would enable them to repeal executive orders made in the last 60 days by a current president and his government.

If everything goes according to plan, the House is to approve the bill on Wednesday since it has already been introduced by GOP Representatives Tom Marino and Bob Goodlatte.

It begins: House fires up process for Obama rules rollback

House Republicans took the GOP’s first step toward dismantling Obama administration regulations Wednesday, passing the Midnight Rules Relief Act 238-184.

The bill would allow Congress to roll back en masse any rule issued in President Obama’s final year, using a disapproval resolution under the previously little-used Congressional Review Act.

“The EPA alone has promulgated $1 trillion worth of rules in the past 10 years, 75 percent of which came under the Obama administration,” the conservative group Freedom Works asserted in hailing the bill’s passage.

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As moving trucks arrive at the White House, Republicans are rigging Obama’s regulations to blow. On Wednesday night, the House passed the Midnight Rules Relief Act, the first major regulatory reform bill in decades.

Designed for mass demolition, the legislation allows lawmakers to wire together multiple regulations and revoke them at once. While Republicans will have to wait for Trump’s signature, the move shows how serious Speaker Ryan and company are about exploding Obama’s regulatory legacy.

The easiest regulations for a new Republican president to rescind will be those passed at the very end of the Obama administration. All recent presidents have suspended the effective date of regulations issued by their predecessors that had not yet gone into effect. While the effective date is suspended, the new administration can decide whether it wants to begin a regulatory process to repeal the regulation, and in doing so perhaps ensure that the regulation never takes effect. In practice, however, this impacts a small number of regulations, and virtually none of the ones being discussed by the presidential candidates.

For regulations issued in approximately the last eight months of the Obama administration, the new administration can ask Congress to use the Congressional Review Act. This law allows Congress to bypass filibusters in the Senate to overturn recently issued regulations. While this is a more powerful tool, it could not be used on any regulations issued before May 2016 and it has only been used successfully once since it was passed in 1996.




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