Congressman Delivers Epic Indictment of Obama – in 1 Minute

But the worst part is, Biden would be even worse than Obama as president!

Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s House floor speech from 6-3-2013.


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  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Nothing else can be said …………….

  • moresnare1970

    Problem is, not ONE person will be held accountable. All these ‘scandals’ will just go away and nothing will be done about them. Our corrupt government knows it can operate with complete impunity.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      The problem is if some people are held accountable, it will only be a limited hangout and the incoming replacements will be no different.

    • ChezKiva

      ..But, can it operate without money?

  • billybob

    all of your politicians and the defense dept have known from the beginning that he was an illegal president, so if you are looking for change you are very naive, and have no clue who runs and now owns america and it aint americans

    • SophiaH.

      Who owns America? Ask Congress

      youtube. com/watch?v=LPFtSB0K9I8


  • SophiaH.

    More courageous are speaking out but when will any one stand up and lead the cadre of honest ones to escort the miscreants out of the Congress and WH?

    just when..?


  • Warren A. DeSouza

    Obama has good immoral judgment and is fit to wear a suit. And since he’s over 35, that’s all that is required to be president.

  • Jewish Doctor

    ABSOLUTE Proof here! Any moron can be a congressman, UNHAMPERED BY KNOWLEDGE.

    • Prairie Pilgrim

      You have the option to DISPROVE even one of this short list of Obama and his minions’ failures of leadership and actually taking responsibility for their wrongdoings. Instead, you attempt to ‘shame’ the messenger. The “messenger” once upon a time was the MEDIA, but when they are in bed with the Imposter in Chief, and agree with where he is taking the nation, it’s like the worthless dog that licks the hand of the burglar while the crimes are committed. “Worthless” is too kind.. rather TREASONOUS, when they (and the dog) are fed and cared for by those who are being VIOLATED. Terminate the dog’s services for dereliction of duty. If you can’t trust it for it’s basic responsibilities!

      Obama slept and campaigned for cash, WHILE AMERICANS CALLED FOR HELP, AND DIED!!!

  • Taylor

    Sure, the military has done such good as the Congressman mentions. However, that “good” that the military has accomplished, as alluded to by this Congressman, is NOT what the military should be doing. It is NOT their job.

  • ChezKiva

    This is the story of the Boy who Cried Wolf.

    The lies are pandemic and terminal. -Someday, very soon, the entire US Government will be rendered “illegitimate.”

  • Peter

    Is he also filing articles of impeachment???