Congressman Jim McDermott Screams At Megyn Kelly On The News. Yells At Her To “STOP IT!” Over IRS Questioning.

Megyn Kelly Battles Dem Who Defended IRS

( The interview got even more contentious after that, as McDermott argued that the IRS never prevented any of these groups from advertising or raising money.

Megyn pointed out the testimony of Kevin Kookogey, president of Linchpins of Liberty, who claimed he had lost a $30,000 donation because his group did not have the coveted 501(c)(3) status.

McDermott cast doubt on that statement, saying Kookogey never offered any proof and was not under oath when he said it.

“He was lying? Is this your answer to that?” Megyn responded.

“Ms. Kelly, you’re putting words in my mouth. Stop it!” )


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  • monkbiker

    Never argue with a liberal. It’s a complete and utter waste of time. They’re on the wrong side of any issue you would care to name and are therefore unable to argue the merits of the situation. That’s why they invariably resort to ad hominem attacks, name-calling, straw-man arguments or changing the subject.

  • Ranger

    More proof as to why Term Limits are so absolutely needed to keep these exact lunatics from staying in office forever. This guy is a nutcase!

  • Bee

    These people need to be voted out quickly. There are no honest ones left. We the people need to take control of the situation. Wake up Sheeple, this is just gonna get worst. When will you see it and do something? Anyone who does not vote better get in gear Now and get these fools out of our lives and bring them under control and back to doing the job they promised to do. Why are we paying for this? We pay these people to screw us over every day while they live like kings. Time is running out.

  • Bill

    this guy is a big lying sack of bull.

  • Minnow

    It’s all theater. Both sides are in cahoots with each other. This is nothing more than drama for public consumption, so we keep fighting each other over Dems did this, or Reps did that.

  • genesis667

    McDermott is your typical liberal POS…

  • markww