Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose? This video is BOMBSHELL:

Was the recent rash of destructive cyclones just an act of nature? Or is there more to the story? Climate engineering (including the manipulation of hurricanes), is not just theory, speculation, or conjecture, it is verifiable fact and has been since project “Cirrus” was deployed by the US military in 1947. Anyone who takes the time to legitimately investigate the climate engineering / geoengineering issue, without preconception or programmed bias, can only come to the conclusion that climate engineering is real and ongoing. Why are global powers intervening with Earth’s natural systems, and thus completely derailing them? Though the answers are complex, ultimately the global climate engineering Manhattan program comes down to power and control on many fronts and with many layers. One of the primary objectives is this, geoengineering / solar radiation management is being utilized to mask the true severity of biosphere and climate damage already done, while inflicting exponentially more damage in the process. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have already made their mark, is Hurricane Jose next? This 8 minute video provides some answers. We must all bear the burden of exposing and halting the global climate engineering assault. This monumental effort cannot be waged by only a few on behalf of the many. We must each arm ourselves with credible data, and help with the critical effort to sound the alarm.

Deliberate and massive geoengineering of Hurricane Irma continued today, 9-11-17, with countless aerosol spray (chemtrails/geoengineering) clearly visible within the hurricane.

I don’t want to watch an hour-long anti-geoengineering activist infighting video. Instead, a video that has actual info about the subject (Harvey, Irma and Jose) from the same channel would be good. Like this one from today:

Those controlling the weather are getting rich doing it, which is obviously one of the primary reasons it’s happening.

Can You Get Rich Betting on the Weather?

Did you know that you can invest in the weather? Yes, that’s right. The weather. You can take a financial gamble that the temperature in Sacramento will be one degree warmer than average, or even bet that it will be five degrees cooler.

Too dull for your portfolio?

How about putting some money down on the amount of snowfall next winter in Boston? Or frost in Amsterdam? Or hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico?

Each of these investments can be made in an investment product category called weather futures. Traded through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, these weather contracts provide investors a highly risky and speculative chance to control – financially at least – that most uncontrollable matriarch, Mother Nature.




h/t Voluntaryist