Controversial post: You know the U.S. is in trouble… when Jimmy Carter starts making sense

From The Strangest Brew:

When [Former President] Jimmy Carter is making reasonable assertions on two different subjects (the Zimmerman verdict and Edward Snowden) you know things are getting weird…

Jimmy Carter on George Zimmerman Verdict: “Right Decision”

Jimmy Carter says the jury made the right call in finding George Zimmerman not guilty.


“I think the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented, because the prosecution inadvertently set the standard so high that the jury had to be convinced that it was a deliberate act by Zimmerman, that he was not at all defending himself,” Carter told Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA-TV…
“America has no functioning democracy” – Jimmy Carter on NSA

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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter lambasted U.S. intelligence methods as undemocratic, and described Edward Snowden’s NSA leak as “beneficial” for the country.


Carter lashed out at the US political system when the issue of  the previously top-secret NSA surveillance program was touched upon at the Atlantic Bridge meeting on Tuesday in Atlanta, Georgia.
“America has no functioning democracy at this moment,”  Carter said, according to Der Spiegel…
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