Cop arrives on the scene of a rollover, “accidentally” shoots the driver in the neck paralyzing him, doesn’t mention the shooting until another cop notices the wound, faces no punishment because he didn’t intend to shoot the guy

What the fuck was that? Was this police officer drunk? On crack? He gets out of his car, tries to murder an injured person, tells dispatch the guy refuses to get out of the truck and then spends his time on the scene looking for his own gun shells. There must be criminal charges coming. This can’t be right.



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  • AntiLieGuy

    This will stop when the stupid amerikkan sheeple start treating the pigs in the same manner as they treat us. WW3 soon cause the brainwashed amerikkan sheeple are stupid.

  • freddy

    I watched this over and over and I see 2 muzzle flashes… am I seeing something that’s not there? I honestly see a cop, very deliberately, take 2 shots at some poor sap crawling out of the vehicle.
    Also, if I shoot and paralyze someone by accident what are my chances of getting off without jail time? ZERO!

    • Justin Thought

      Looked like two to me. My question is, is it standard practice to respond to accidents with your gun out?

      Looked more like he was just trying to get his “quota.” Every cop has a quota on his body count these days, you know.

    • svio87savs

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