Corne Hole doom! BREAKING: Bayou Corne sinkhole expansion is accelerating like crazy

Yesterday it’s up to 10 acres. Apparently a burp Sunday morning caused an entire acre of land to fall off.

Officials monitoring the Assumption parish sinkhole say that when the massive slurry “burped” again Sunday morning, nearly one acre of the Cajun land environment fell into it, meaning that it has now consumed approximately ten acres of the parish.

“Nearly an acre of land fell off into the west side of the sinkhole, according to Assumption OEP director John Boudreaux,” WBRZ reports about the ongoing Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster that began nine months ago.

Today it’s 12 acres.

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A sinkhole in swampy Assumption Parish grew to 12 acres over the weekend, and officials said Monday they are monitoring the threat that another area nearby could liquefy into muck.

Lawmakers on the House and Senate natural resources committees received an update on the latest developments surrounding the sinkhole, which opened up in August near a community along Bayou Corne.

3-8-13 [last upload]



Check out all of those dead trees. Extremely telling.




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