Corporate Fascist Capitalism is a Formitable Force

It’s pretty obvious where we are headed. The two remaining candidates in the current POTUS election are a testament to our corporatized political system, closed to anyone without the requisite $ millions $ in a campaign war chest. The latest contender, Romney, proves the point that the one with the biggest bankroll wins the slot. The difference between Bush and Obama has not even been recognizable. They are beholden to the entrenched interests of the Military-Media-Financial Complex. When you couple that with a population that has no clue of what is in their best interest and form all their spoon-fed opinions from the pervasive MSM, the future looks pretty dystopic. You may have pockets of alternative thought/action springing up here and there, but it quickly gets tamped down. Now with the hi-tech security apparatus the U.S. continues to construct, the powers of the State are being used to openly monitor and spy on all its citizens, extinguishing critics, dissenters, and whistleblowers here and abroad.

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Welcome to the future — Corporate Fascist Capitalism. Corporations have control of the MSM and all levers of the government and have the power to bend/warp public opinion with relative ease.

Timely discussion of crony capitalism by CHS…

published today;

“Crony Capitalism flourishes in an economy dominated and controlled by a Central State.

Crony capitalism arises when an expansive Central State dominates the economy. The Central State can then protect crony-capitalist perquisites, cartels, quasi-monopolies and financialization skimming operations of the sort which now dominate the U.S. economy’s primary profit centers……”

Whether this progression from a better functioning free market capitalism —> crony capitalism is always inevitable, or not, is open to discussion.  How the nature of the monetary system, and who controls it, plays into this progression is also open to discussion I think.

– xray


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