Council tax benefit cut by AT LEAST 20% for the working aged on benefits (UK)…-tax-1-4625416

So here we are starting to see the disturbing reality of the governments spending cuts as councils across the country begin to send the jobless further into poverty. Now we will begin to see just how many people really are on the dole as the torys again light the flame to civil unrest. Although I was a bit young when the poll tax riots kicked off here in the UK I can see this as a similar type of event.

Just where do they think people of working age on benefits like JSA are going to find the money is anybodys guess. On one hand the governent says heres £71 a week and this is the amount of money the law says you need to live on legally. And then with the other hand we shall take away some of this money from you by demanding you pay 20% of you council tax bill even though the only income you have is the money we have to give you by law.

Warm up my cell please Mr Cameron and get a few million tags imported from china because you haven’t got enough prison to lock us all up.

Viva le Revolution!