Crisis In Syria – U.N. Inspectors Leaving Syria By Saturday, US Attack On Syria to Begin Saturday?!?!

Report: US Attack On Syria to Begin Saturday

Onslaught to begin when UN inspectors leave

Paul Joseph Watson
August 29, 2013

A reporter with Israel’s most widely read newspaper has been told by defense establishment officials that a US-led attack on Syria will begin on Saturday and end when Barack Obama meets Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

Israeli defense estbl assessment: US attack starts when UN inspectors leave Syria on Saturday, ends when Obama meets Putin next Wednesday

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— Amir Mizroch (@Amirmizroch) August 29, 2013


Despite an apparent softening in rhetoric as British Prime Minister David Cameron faces a parliamentary revolt over military intervention, in addition to reports that the intelligence against Assad’s regime is by no means a “slam dunk,” Israel Hayom reporter Amir Mizroch tweets that the attack will begin on Saturday immediately after UN inspectors have left the country.


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