Crooked Hillary Clinton, the worst loser of all time, has only one thing left to lose. Let’s help her check off that last box!

Haven’t posted this in awhile, likely not up to date.

Let’s take a trip down HRC’s impressive losing career:

? Failed DC Bar

? Fired from Watergate investigation for unethical behavior

? Failed as First Lady (healthcare, Janet Reno/Waco massacre, literally being a cuck, stole Whitehouse furniture and forced to return it)

?Only won Senate race because her primary opponent JFK Jr died and Rudy pulled out due to cancer

?Accomplished nothing of note in her Senate career – even failed to pass a bill she cosponsored to make flag burning illegal

? Failed 2008 presidential candidate

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? Failed Secretary of State (Benghazi, Libya, ISIS, literally bought and paid for by entities hostile to the U.S., responsible for the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. History)

? Failed 2016 presidential candidate – lol, only won popular vote due to California letting illegals vote, evidence of voter fraud in MI as well as AZ, all dem faithless electors

? Picked a fight with a cartoon frog and lost

? Chucked into a van like a side of beef

? Failed recount of 2016 election

? Clinton Foundation donations drying up in response to her lost political influence

? Loses time person of the year to Trump

? Failed as a human being(?Not sure if she even qualifies as human)

Literally her whole life is failure. I didn’t even delve into her Arkansas days!




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