Cruz Down – Trump Soars

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Since Sarah Palin’s announcement on Tuesday of support for Trump, 1/3 of Cruz’s supporters have defected.
Reuter’s poll numbers for Cruz have dropped from 16.3% nationally on Tuesday, Jan. 19 – the day Palin made her announcement – down to 10.5% for Cruz on Friday – a devastating drop.
During the same period, Trump’s national numbers rose from 33% to over 40%.with 11 declared Republican candidates still in the race.
Palin’s announcement was followed by a cluster of announcements that have further boosted Trump’s lead.
For example,
The next day, Wednesday, the senior Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr, told supporters at a private fundraiser that if Ted Cruz was the nominee, he’d rather vote for Bernie Sanders than Cruz.
This stunned North Carolina Cruz supporters, but that wasn’t all.
Longtime New York GOP member of the House of Representatives, Peter King, called Cruz:
“[a] fraud. I don’t know anyone else in Washington … who gets this opposition from his own people…. people as conservative as he is who just can’t stand him.”
The next day, Thursday, it was revealed that talk show host Mark Levin’s criticisms of Donald Trump and steadfast support for Ted Cruz may be colored by the fact that the fiancée of Levin has a son that works for Cruz.
The story was leaked to a reporter and Levin has had to admit it on air:
“… somebody tipped off a reporter … to this devastating fact and they’re trying to intimidate me. If I find out who, I’ll expose them.”
Uhhhh, Mr. Levin, it’s you have been exposed. This upsets a lot of apple carts for your sponsors, doesn’t it?
On Friday, the National Black Republican Association announced via their blog on Friday that they are now supporting Donald Trump instead of Ben Carson:
“We are deeply concerned about illegal immigration, a major cause of high black unemployment, especially among black youth.”
On Saturday, the senior Senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, appeared with Trump on stage at a rally in Pella, Iowa, though did not officially endorse him.
I’m still reporting from somewhere other than Washington. Good day.


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