Currency World War Looms As Japan, China, US & Europe Decline And A New Gold Standard Is Being Born

Currency World War looms as Japan, China, US & Europe decline


Russia has warned a currency World War is looming for the global economy. The concerns were sparked by Japan’s move to lower the value of the yen in pursuit of better exports causing fears of a massive chain reaction as other nations do the same. RT’s Egor Piskunov reports.

A new Gold Standard is being born -Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The world is moving step by step towards a de facto Gold Standard, without any meetings of G20 leaders to announce the idea or bless the project.

Some readers will already have seen the GFMS Gold Survey for 2012 which reported that central banks around the world bought more bullion last year in terms of tonnage than at any time in almost half a century.

They added a net 536 tonnes in 2012 as they diversified fresh reserves away from the four fiat suspects: dollar, euro, sterling, and yen.

The Washington Accord, where Britain, Spain, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, and others sold a chunk of their gold each year, already seems another era – the Gordon Brown era, you might call it.

That was the illusionary period when investors thought the euro would take its place as the twin pillar of a new G2 condominium alongside the dollar. That hope has faded. Central bank holdings of euro bonds have fallen back to 26pc, where they were almost a decade ago.

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Gold revaluation really isn’t a silly idea at all, Mr. Cashin – 48 Year NYSE Floor Veteran

Certainly $1,600 per ounce wouldn’t be enough. Maybe $20,000 would — if Western central banks really have even that much gold left.

Gold May Now Be Poised For A Staggering $600+ Surge

That $1,764 to $1,791 area is still the major breakout we are looking for. This would then open up the gold market to an initial target of $2,055. This would also open the way for gold to move to our $2,400 target (a staggering $600+ move).

Gold Will Save The Financially Collapsing World Of Debt

No government fund, no gold bank, and no long cycle analyst can stop the progression of gold. The capitalization of the forces behind gold will overcome all these other bearish considerations. I say this because I know this, not because I think this.

Food prices may be catalyst for 2013 revolutions

What is the trigger for a revolution? Sometimes it a brutal act of repression. Sometimes it a lost war, or a natural catastrophe, that exposes the failings of a regime.


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