David Stockman: There Are Bubbles Everywhere. I Haven’t Seen Too Many Bubbles In History” That Haven’t Ended Violently. Fed Is Exporting Its Lunatic Policies Worldwide!

If one cares to look, Stockman adds, “there are bubbles everywhere,” citing Russell 2000 valuations of 75x LTM earnings as an example, “that makes no sense. It’s up 43% in the last year, but earnings of the Russell 2000 companies have not increased at all.”This is dangerous, he strongly cautions, “I haven’t seen too many bubbles in history” that haven’t ended violently.


“I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid…”


Alert: Bailing Bankers-V-THE GUERRILLA ECONOMIST This is very serious and time must not be wasted. I am deeply concerned.

The Russell 2000 is overvalued by 30%, the DOW a whopping 67%, the NASDQ 50% and yet the morons on “the street”and the talking heads on TV are reporting that the good times are here again. How can the market be this high when every major indicator of economic data defiantly shows a continued contraction?


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  • C101

    Pop! Go the bubbles

  • hvaiallverden


    This is NOT about Capitalism, or any other -ism for that matter, but to stopp a Monetary policy that is wreking the eCONomys all over, the same way of creating this bobbles are the prime problem in the BRICSA.
    Atificialy created by debth growth, have never worked before and will neve work in the future, and the silence regading the latest atemt to robb people even further with simply stealing deposits, with exuses that is pure bollocs, but are plain thefth.’
    And nobodys screaming, everybody should be screaming on the topp of their lungs on this, but no.

    The monetary stupidity is mindboggeling, the fatcs are as in the AGW cults, there, in plain sight, but the Powers simply dont talk about it, no matter the amount of data presented, to try to tell them by logic is like pissing against the wind, you gett your release, but have only moved the problem, to a greated one, by pissing your self down.

    The Pope had a briliant awakening in this, he may be a f…. for some, but for huamnity as hole,. anyone taking a stand against this Insanity is a hero. Why is Islam demonised, and Christianity to in this days, because in histroy, ususry is the wurst of them all. Both religions have a economicaly sound base, debay the laws of NO intress at all. In Islam, intress is stricktly forbidden, by the same reason that we encounter to day, usury have been banned from this planet for milleniums, and only in the last half millenium, have it been alwoed to be institutionalised and made to a religion, as well.
    AND shittheads, i dont give a rats a… about ritch people, as long as we play on the same feild, have the same rules, and follows the same laws, if He/She wipes their a…with money its entilry Their own bizzenizze, capice shittheads,



  • Dr. Jonzz

    Well, the Fed’s theme song is “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” isn’t it?