DEMOCIDE: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT: Why the Monopoly on Violence Should Rest Only with Us, the Elite Rulers/Gun Kontrol ALWAYS PRECEDES GENOCIDE!

From a simple perspective, it works like this:
A group of people become rich.
Then over time , they become very very rich.
Soon they become rich enough to fund wars, and build nations.
Soon they become powerful enough to rule a nation incognito.
Over time, they extend their hidden rule over several nations.
They use everything, to keep the population within the line of control: wars, psychology, relgion, medicine, education, propaganda, chemicals, synthetic food, media, more media, false flags, more false flags, repeated false flags, actors, singers, more actors….EVERYTHING they can use.

But above all , they thirst after ONE IMPORTANT THING:
They HAVE TO HAVE the MONOPOLY over violence.
They need EVERY human to be disarmed, so that a few people using a small bunch of armed personnel who are under orders can keep millions of people under KONTROL.
The world has always been held hostage by people following orders. 

In America today , we see the beginnings of the establishment of this total monopoly over violence. And the rest of the world watches, for if its America today, its the rest of the world tomorrow. The only way a civillization can keep its peace is when each and every citizen knows his duty to protect his environment. Which means every citizen needs to have acess to tools that will protect him. A small security device known as a Police Force will always be too late to prevent anything. But police forces were never established to protect you. Its like the scene in the movie where you realise that the fencing is there NOT to Protect you, but to KEEP YOU IN!!!

(to be fair, there are some Police personnel with good souls, but there’s no point, as you are following somebody else’s orders, and not the voice of your heart, nor YOUR own sense of good and bad.)

Here’s what I call the PEACE FORMULA:


Look at it like this: If you and your family have been ruling for some time, and you are used to manipulating the massess by fakery, wouldn’t you try to manipulate the people by taking away their guns?

  • womac

    I don’t think communist are rich, they print money out of nothing

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