Denmark: Muslim Immigrants Stone Baby Piglets to Death While Driving a Wooden Stake Through Another at Nature Center

Problem: Muslim rapefugees murder pigs.
Solution: Punish Musims, no.
Solution: Remove pigs, yes

Immigrant-boys mistreatment of pigs on a visit to farms in Aarhus got the municipality to intervene and remove the animals.

“It is an unpleasant phenomenon that we could vouch for,” says Friis.
Of the collaboration leader, Carsten Drasbæk, says he tried to protect the pigs from abuse.
“We protected pigs hut with wire fence so they could be alone for stones and other missiles.”
But the attacks continued, and the pigs are now missing.
“They were our most popular animals for most visitors. And we were happy to be able to show how the pigs could live a natural life, “he says and adds that also rabbits, chickens, lambs and sheep have been abused.



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