Deutsche Bank, Ocwen Mortgage – Foreign Bank Mortgage Fraud Continues

There are literally thousands of open cases and most likely hundreds of thousands of instances of foreclosure fraud by Deutsche Bank and mortgage companies like Ocwen Mortgage.

Besides using forged documents or robosigning, the mortgage company sells the rights to the property to Deutsche Bank and still holds the mortgage on the property. In cases of foreclosure, the deed repossession is conducted by Deutsche Bank, even though legally they have no legal right to the property and if they did, then then you would have no obligation to pay the mortgage company. In short, the note and property documents, must be the same entity and they are not. A simple search on Google for ocwen Deutsche bank will populate pages and pages of cases, stories and judgements in favor of the homeowners, for being defrauded by these corrupt companies.

The fear of the SEC or Congress taking action against this, would start a domino collapse of the world banking system.

It has nothing to do with homeowners who are neglecting to pay their mortgage in the first place and more of the mortgage, rate and loan holders fraudulent activities, months or years before the foreclosure process began.

Here are just a few examples, but I recommend doing the Google search above to see just how big of an issue this is in the US and most likely the world.

Is Deutsche Bank Trying To Steal The Home Of A Veteran With Cancer?$400-000-for-wrongful-foreclosure