DHS and Military Prepare For ‘Civil Unrest’ In USA This Summer

DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises to military occupation all across the U.S…. preparing for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities.
If one is connecting-the-dots about the recent DHS purchase of billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition, the distribution of armored personnel carriers to local police departments and military drones being given the green light by the Obama regime to kill American citizens if they are deemed a ‘threat’- it should also come as no surprise that DHS and the regime in power are busy training for war in and around American cities.

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Considering this regime in power has repeatedly declared “Right Wing Christian Extremists”, returning veterans and gun owners to be domestic terrorists – it is not hard to deduce whom the government sees as the enemy to be warred upon. I find it interesting that as Obama and his MarxoFascists ratchet up the division and get more in-our-face while screaming about disarmament and abolition of our Constitutional Rights – the timeframe discussed for ‘civil unrest’ is stated to be this coming Summer.

All of this happening at the same time Obama has taken down Southern border security, reducing our nuclear weapons stockpiles and making overtures of negotiating directly with the Islamofascists in Iran. Of course now, Obama has more flexibility to do our enemies’ bidding.

Can you say “Trojan Horse Obama?”



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