Did Obama Cook the financial Books to get re-elected? Interview with Peter Schiff

This guy is smart smart !

Peter Schiff: Obama recession will be worse than the Obama recovery

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Gold RUSH: Americans bought an incredible amount of gold and silver this month

… Americans who sense uncertainty in the air are flocking to the safety of physical resources.
… According to the [U.S.] mint, investors purchased nearly half a billion dollars in gold and silver in the last 30 days. There was, in fact, so much money shifting into physical precious metals in January that the mint was actually forced to cease operations because they couldn’t meet demand.

A massive 7.4 million Silver Eagles were purchased from the U.S. Mint in January, considerably higher than the previous record from early 2011.

After halting Silver coin production/sales for over a week, the Mint re-opened yesterday and demand once again surged.

Having almost doubled from the first week in January, there remains two more days before the book is closed on January’s sales.

At 140,000 ounces, the Mint has also sold the most ounces of gold in January in almost…