Did Trump Sexually Harass 6-Foot-8 James Comey!? MSM has finally gone off the RANCH!

This is it folks the MSM are now insinuating Trump tried to seduce and seuxally harass and even dominate a
6 foot 8 inch grown ass man who is the FBI director!!!

I though this story from WND was a joke but NYT and LA times and WaPo are all writing such insane shit!!! ..its absolutely is sickening and speaks volumes of the depraved depths these liberals have gone down to break Trump

Story from LA times



NYT with the title “predator in chief”


WaPo story basically calling comey a bitch


Rush Limbaugh’s thoughts

WND excerpts from these sickening articles

Most Americans believed the drama between former FBI Director James Comey and President Trump was all about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election and claims of possible obstruction.

But, here’s the real shocker: It was actually about an “abusive” and “predatory seducer” president sexually intimidating his “helpless” victim, Comey.

Yes, that’s right. President Trump behaved as if he wanted to get the 6-foot, 8-inch FBI director between the sheets.

Or at least it’s the truth according to New York Times columnist Nicole Serratore and Los Angeles Times writer Robin Abcarian. No actual evidence of that charge was provided by the writers.

onetheless, in her column, “James Comey and the predator in chief,” Serratore writes that Comey’s June 8 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee reminded her of “the experience of a woman being harassed by her powerful, predatory boss.”

“There was precisely that sinister air of coercion, of an employee helpless to avoid contact with an employer who is trying to grab what he wants,” she explains. “… For a woman who has spent a lifetime wrestling with situation where men have power they can abuse, this was disturbingly familiar.”

Serratore recalled President Trump’s “last-minute dinner invitation” to Comey on Jan. 27 and how the FBI director soon learned it would be “just the two of us.” In his testimony, Comey said he had to cancel his date with his wife to meet with Trump, and the “setup” made him “uneasy.”

When Comey participated in what Serratore called an “intimate dinner” with the president, Trump allegedly told Comey: “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.”

“Mr Comey immediately recognized that this was a press for something he did not want to give,” Serratore writes, as if Trump had asked the FBI director to agree to a sexy romp under the table rather than a simple assurance that he would be faithful to his president.

Comey claims he didn’t move, speak or change his facial expression when an “awkward silence” followed President Trump’s request.

“That reaction – the choice of stillness, responses calculated to neither encourage nor offend that characterized so many of his dealings with Mr. Trump – is so relatable for any woman,” Serratore claims. “… During that interminable, awkward dinner, Mr. Comey struggled to convince Mr. Trump of that danger of ‘blurring’ boundaries. But Mr. Trump was not deterred and returned to the subject of the loyalty he must have. There you hear the eternal voice of the predatory seducer: the man who knows how hard he can make it for a woman to refuse his needs.”

The New York Times writer also recalls the time Comey reportedly tried to blend in with the White House curtains so President Trump wouldn’t notice him.

But Trump did see the FBI director and called him over, embracing Comey with a half hug. Comey’s friend said he was “disgusted” by the hug.

Serratore concludes: “With the power of the presidency at his disposal, Mr. Trump thought that he could use the psychology of coercive seduction on the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. Victims of sexual harassment often face skepticism, doubts and accusations when they tell their story. That’s part of the predator’s power. But I’m here to tell James Comey, and all the women and men who have suffered at the hands of predators, I believe you.”

The L.A. Times’ Robin Abcarian echoed some of Serratore’s sentiments in her article: “Comey said he felt uneasy in meetings with Trump. Trump, he said, tried to get him alone, and then asked him to do things that made him squirm.”