Dina Habib Powell – New Deputy Security Advisor – Close to Valerie Jarrett (Picture included) and Jared Kushner – Husband is President of Teneo

Dina Powell to be named Trump’s deputy national security adviser

Powell, an Egyptian-American and an Arabic speaker, has taken a more prominent role recently in foreign affairs with Trump. She was seated at the head of the table during his lunch with the Saudi deputy crown prince this week. Powell, a director of personnel during the Bush administration, was a partner at Goldman Sachs before joining the administration. She has been a formal adviser to Ivanka Trump and Kushner.


Dina Habib Powell, another top Goldman alum and former president of the Goldman Sachs foundation:

– Promoted to Deputy National Security Advisor on March 15th

Worked in the Bush II administration

– Managing director at Goldman Sachs, named partner in 2010

Dina’s husband Richard Powell is president at Clinton-linked Teneo

– Bill Clinton is/was a Teneo advisor

– Wikileaks emails reveal a deep and profitable relationship between Teneo, Doug Band, and the Clintons

– Teneo hired Huma Abedin while she was a State Dept. employee.

Nah, nothing to see here.


When Liz Cheney, the daughter of then Vice President Dick Cheney, described Dina Habib Powell in 2005 as “an Arab woman who could serve as a role model to the Middle East, “Cheney’s laudatory comments hardly captured just how fast and how far this Egyptian-born immigrant would rise in both U.S. politics and business. At that time, Habib Powell, then 33, was in charge of staff hires under President George W. Bush and soon would became assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs in his administration.


The CFR Releases New NWO Propaganda!

While this video attempts to put a friendly face on the CFR by using TV celebrities and movie stars, it only ultimately proves that this globalist organization (created by JP Morgan and John D. Rockefeller) is more powerful (and less democratic) than ever.

The video basically says: “The world is complex and geared towards globalization… and we’re the only ones who can deal with this”.

By showcasing its members, the video also showcases who and what the elite truly “owns”.

Here are some of the people seen in the video:

Juliette Kayyem CNN National Security Analyst,
Robert Rubin Former Treasury Secretary , Co-Chair CFR
Juju Chang, ABC News Anchor
Dina Habib Powell, Global Head of Impact Investing, Goldman Sachs
Condolezza Rice, Former Secretary of State
Angelina Jolie, Actress
Jon Meacham, CEO Random House Publishing
Rev. Chloe Breyer, Interfaith Center of New York
Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, Park Avenue Synagogue
Richard Plepler, CEO HBO
Jared Cohen, President of Jigsaw


Here’s the video:

Having worked in Washington, D.C. in the past, Dina Powell is well connected and is said to be close with many Democrats, including some who have worked in the Obama administration.

According to Politico, two Obama officials who Powell has a strong relationship with are Valerie Jarrett, White House senior adviser, and Gene Sperling, a former economic adviser. In addition, Republicans who have worked with Powell before have offered nothing but praise for her, including former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.



Shit! Take a look at this picture from 2011:




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