Disarming The American People Using Mass Shooting False Flags

Jobless claims have missed expectations again and people are finding it harder to find work. The US trade deficit reaches the highest level in 5 months, this is due to a lower demand for US products. Russia signs another deal, this time with North Korea which will bypass the US dollar. NATO is building up military forces which is now surrounding Russia. Russia wants an explanation on the NATO military build up. Russia is supplying arms to Syria to bring the war to an end. The removal of chemical weapons in Syria has now been halted because of heavy fighting between rebels and the Syrian government. The shooting at Ft. Hood is another false flag event which will be used to disarm the American people. Harry Reid has checked to see if this event would push the pending UN Arms Treaty and Gun Bill through the Senate. At this time there are not enough votes to push the bills through.


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  • Human

    The left continues to shred the constitution. If these globalist freaks continue to push, the patriots will rise up and beat them down. I believe this is exactly what the white house wants, a full blown civil war. I see it coming and no way to avoid it.

    • crater

      Please. Stop with the partisan nonsense. Neither party cares about the Constitution. And what arrogance to assume that patriots are restricted to
      one political party. Your politics or your religion does not make you superior. Regardless of what talk radio may tell you.

      • ZionistPlague

        Because, in your two-party police state the same tribe pull the strings of both parties and that is why neither cares and policy never changes. As long as there are people like you around who thrive on the polarization of politics it will only get worse. And make no mistake, Americas policies are all left-wing, cultural Marxist, is this any wonder as the Whitehouse is totally and utterly subservant to the inventors of Communism.

      • Human

        Can you read? I didn’t say anything about political parties. You must be a fool if you don’t see this coming! Or maybe you aren’t human?

  • Travis Devereux

    it should have happened already.

  • Arizona

    GOD HATES COWARDS,if the men will not stand up,HE WILL TWIST THEIR ARM TILL THEY DO,he knows, if you won’t standup for your family,you would never stand up for HIM,SO WHAT LEVEL OF PUNISHMENT will it take for americans to stand up? SATAN is laughing his head off,YOU HAVE ALLOWED the queers to take over everything,AT what point in time will enough be ENOUGH??

  • usmcmailman

    I will NOT give up my guns !

  • usmcmailman

    “they” do NOT have enough people to disarm 200 million Americans !