Disney is teaching children that being secretly spied on is okay and is in the child’s best interest


When I have to take care of my little cousin, we watch TV before sleep. Sometimes I think there’s a lot of indoctrination in TV series for kids.


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  • collette.robert@yahoo.com

    As the twig’s inclined so the tree is bent

  • http://scarecro.users.sonic.net/blog/ Scarecrow

    one word…. “CREEPY”

  • Joe Blow

    They are putting lots of stuff in kid oriented product as in The Little Mermaid. Chemtrails in cartoons, etc. Sick.


    • amuncat

      YES!!! There are articles on Disney’s sexualing of kids! Subliminal/suggestive/symbolism! The swamp is DARK and DEEP…and you can have a slice of pizza along the way….

  • amuncat

    Yougottabekiddingme!!!!! I spoke to a millennium about her IPhone and the probability of….she looked at me and shrugged!

    Do yu see what’s happening? They are spying on our EVERYTHING, and even have the audacity to have corporations profit from it!!! WE DON’T BENEFIT IN ANY WAY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I KNOW OF NO CRIMINAL, SPY, ETC., THAT HAS BEEN CAUGHT DUE TO OUR ELABORATE SYSTEM ON ITS CITIZENS!!!! To keep us “safe”!!!

  • Carey Haber

    I’m a newby. Why do certain posts exclude certain ‘areas’ or ‘countries’ from viewing content?

  • John Hankinson

    Okay kiddies repeat after me: 1. Load gun. 2.Take aim. 3. Pull trigger. As an added step, tweet to Disney, #MIND YOUR OWN F**KIN’ BUSINESS!!!! (don’t forget the hashtag now)