DNA molecules discovered 25,000 light years away from Earth

“Finding these molecules in an interstellar gas cloud means that important building blocks for DNA and amino acids can ‘seed’ newly-formed planets with the chemical precursors for life,” said Anthony Remijan, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).



So it began…

  • rs

    Yeah, right . You and your panspermia crowd are a bunch of pagan natives dancing around a maypole. Anyone that believes your nonsense is probably already in a rubber room.

  • ednberta

    To those who are perishing the gospel is the smell of death. It’s no wonder you all grasp at anything contrary to it. You don’t like the smell.

  • cynicalcentaur

    What was apparently found was the precursor chemicals to DNA or the ingredients of DNA, not DNA itself. There is a difference. The headline suggests that DNA molecules were located light-years away. This is a bit like finding a tinker toy ™ set, but not the assembled structures build from the set. It is very interesting discovery, but it is several steps away from detecting assembled DNA molecules.