Do You Feel It? That’s The Economy Imploding On Itself

The Eurozone economy is falling apart. The Government officials can spin the propaganda anyway they want but the bottom line is that the debt, high unemployment and no revenue is collapsing all countries and those that are not will be following soon after. The LA Airport false flag event is being used to push the Governments agenda to arm the TSA, take the guns from the people and demonize anti-government people.


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  • h5mind

    GDP is a ridiculous statistic to reflect viable, real-world economic activity. This is because bundled into that number is the debt created to keep the entire fraud running. And it’s safe to ignore unemployment rates too, because they constantly invent new ways to say those without work don’t want to, they have retired “involuntarily”, or have simply “left the work force”. As far as the crash of the dollar, and the inevitable question of when you should take steps to protect your assets, the answer is ‘now’. Because the truth is, every time a country suffers a massive decline in the value of their currency, virtually everyone is caught completely off guard.

    An addendum on the real estate market- foreclosed homes are being sold for literally pennies on the dollar (Freddie Mac alone has dumped hundreds of thousands if not millions of homes for 95% off market prices). These sales are off the record, private-sale transactions, whose sales data is not impacting real estate numbers because they simply do not report them. Recall a couple years ago when Washington threw foreclosed Americans a bone by forgiving tax liability on the portion of their mortgage which the banks wrote off? This was coupled with bank refusal to pay excise tax on foreclosed home sales (excise tax is based on percentage of sales price). Finally, they “forget” to list sales price data in county records, completely concealing these absurdly low values.

    ps: when the bank freezes your funds after a crash, it’s also because of hyperinflation, whereupon they only deem to return your money once its value has dropped to nearly zero.

    • eric swan

      Amazing how everything seems to be going critical at once. Things like energy, water, soil, animal populations, etc. I think that the problems with the global economy are a small part of an existential problem that is vast in scope and beyond our comprehension. There are many nibbling around the edges of this huge cookie but almost none can get very far into it.

      • h5mind

        We’re definitely seeing an acceleration of acceleration in pretty much everything. This is being largely driven by two synergistic factors: petroleum and population growth. It’s amazing that it took over 12,000 years for the earth to reach it’s first one billion inhabitants (around 1800), but only another 213 to add 7 times that number! Cheap energy, and especially cheap oil, have literally “fueled” the population explosion. Unfortunately, unless we find some equally cheap and plentiful substitute for petrochemicals, Mankind is in for some rough times as the oil starts to run out and/or become much more expensive to exploit.