Doctors? A recent poll indicates that 43% of those practicing today are considering early retirement because of the health bill.

With the addition of 30 million and untold millions of illegals that will be flooding the open borders that the socialist political class craves and will implement, the shortage will be unmanageable.

Will there be any good doctors willing to hang around and take the abuse? And of those that do, will they do so because they get bribes from the socialist political class? Of those that accept the bribe, will they be as qualified and effective as the medical professionals we have today, or will they be political hacks?

Will medical schools continue to attract the best and the brightest? Or will those candidates look elsewhere for a career?

Perhaps we conservatives have it wrong. Medical costs in total nationally will go down, simply because the number and quality of doctors will become so restricted that care will not be available. Therefore most of us will be unable to buy care, even if we might afford it. But then if we appear to aford it, the government will tax us more in the name of “fairness and equality”.

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Yet the socialist progressive political class and select members of their cabal will have the care on demand, paid for by us, so their costs personally will remain low, or go down. We know this from history and observation whenever and whereever any form of socialism takes hold. Services are restricted by artificial forces, and then they will be reserved for the select few, the desireables, who have power.

The end result would of course be shorter life spans, higher infant mortality, and a reduction in environmental impact of man, in the socialists’ eyes. Purely coincidence to be sure.

The scenario of course appears rather extreme and absurd.. But then, many thought Aldous Huxley’s fictional work, “Brave New World”, was just that, fiction. In the decades that have passed since the 1932, when I beleive the book was written, it turns out it was not entirely fiction, and has become to resemble more of a reality over time.

We have a political class pressing an agenda that appears to be increasingly close to that of “Brave New World”. Unless we stop the socialist progressives permanently, and soon, Brave New World might actually become fictional only in the sense that the characters of the book are the only fiction in it.



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