DOJ Blocked FBI From Huma Emails — But Other Law Enforcement Agencies May Have Gotten A Peek

by Pamela Williams

The DOJ does not want the FBI to go ahead with the Clinton Email Investigation nor to read the pertinent emails on the Weiner/Abedin computer.  If I was not used to the shocking actions of the Obama Administration, I might be surprised by this.
Nevertheless, those who have seen these emails from the New York office of Preet Bharara think the FBI definitely needs to see them, too.

The Justice Department has yet to allow the FBI access through a warrant to any of the newly discovered Huma Abedin emails, Yahoo News reported Saturday night. But that may not mean other law enforcement agencies in communication with the FBI did not have access to the new material.“We do not have a warrant,” a senior law enforcement official said. “Discussions are under way [between the FBI and the Justice Department] as to the best way to move forward.”

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However, according to the letter FBI Director James Comey sent to lawmakers regarding the second look into the formerly-closed investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Comey stated:

Yesterday, the investigative team briefed me on their recommendation with respect to seeking access to emails that have recently been found in an unrelated case. Because those emails appear to be pertinent to our investigation, I agreed that we should take appropriate steps to obtain and review them.


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