Dollar Stunner: Jim Willie Warns Chinese Preparing to Issue GOLD-BACKED Trade Notes!…”That crackling sound you hear is a burning dollar about to go up in smoke…”

From Craig Hemke:

The Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer here in the U.S. This also means that another 3-day weekend is upon us and you know what that means. It’s Jackass season!

Because we didn’t have quite as much time as usual to record, I decided to ask The Jackass to pontificate on three primary points:

1.The idea that China and the other creditor nations will one day use gold as the basis of international trade through the issuance of gold-backed trading notes.
2.The concept of a spilt U.S. dollar where an “international” dollar co-exists with a domestic “scheiss” dollar.
3.The growing regulator crackdown on Banks, specifically Bafin and other European regulators tightening the screws on banks such as DeutscheBank.

GOLD Breakout 2016: The Reign of the Almighty Dollar is Over

Gold Price: The Single Greatest Determinant of the Upcoming Monetary Breakdown and Currency Collapse

SOTN Special Note:
Since time immemorial gold has functioned as the universal currency. Whatever its value was considered to be by a kingdom or nation effectively functioned as the benchmark against which everything else was valued.

The price of gold in modern civilization is no different. It is universally regarded as the barometer of the general economic health of the world. When the price of gold is high, there is much insecurity in the global marketplace; when the gold price is low, investors have much more confidence in future economic activity.

Because the US dollar was artificially propped up as the world reserve currency with the post World War 2 Bretton Woods Agreement, the petrodollar in particular began to function as the new benchmark. While this unsustainable arrangement guaranteed great prosperity for the USA, maintaining it exerted a tremendous amount of pressure on the worldwide system of currency valuation. The ever-increasing monetary stresses in the aggregate which resulted have now put the health status of the U.S dollar at great risk.

Every day that passes throughout 2016 will only see this precarious situation become more fraught with currency volatility and financial instability. In fact many of the armed conflict and military maneuverings across the planet are due to this underlying dynamic. The Federal Reserve’s over-reliance on what is basically a dollar printing press has significantly cheapened the value of all the greenbacks in existence.

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(Again):Jim Willie Issues Warning Alert: Immediate Risk of Systemic Lehman Event

The reckoning has begun…

Submitted by Jim Willie:

The entire Western financial systemic, complete with USDollar-based foundation platforms, is breaking down. The breakdown is in full view, very noticeable, in almost every arena. What happened in 2008 with the Lehman Brothers failure event is currently underway with almost every single financial platform, structural entity, financial market, banking structure, and arena. In response to the Lehman killjob event, where JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs strangled the victim firm (by denying Lehman proceeds on countless asset sales), the entire Western financial system has been lashed together, tied together, and connected among its many member parts. The main parts are the big banks, which use derivative contracts to lash themselves together. They believe there is strength in numbers, which is true to some extent.

But the consequence turns out to be that all will fail at the same time in a cascade of insolvent marred by illiquidity while steeped in corruption and market rigging. The breakdown could be described as having begun in full force, in earnest power, at the start of this 2016 year. This is the year of systemic failure, or financial breakdown, and of revelations of important crimes for the last generation or more. The revelations are against the Western power centers for their grand criminal activities. The East, by favoring a Gold Standard, has put the West on notice for exposure, if not prosecution. The gold weapon has power in its arbiter role in commerce, banking, and economies. No nation will be spared from the urgent nasty effects of being forced to achieve trade balance.

Bill Holter issued red alert warning: this is your last chance! Extreme distress and disruption is coming to the united states economy, businesses, politics, society, and community affairs. Bill Holter is associated with JSMineset, alongside Jim Sinclair. He is formerly from Miles Franklin, where he might have become too controversial in his very appropriate but unconventional views.Holter offers an extreme warning for people of the United States, that a series of nasty events is coming. Holter warns that the events will be so disruptive and historical without precedent, that recovery will be extremely difficult without proper preparation. This warning is the latest in a long string of such detailed specific warnings, as a result of the systemic breakdown and urgent official actions to come. The Jackass agrees with 97% of his message, a true red alert warning.



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