Donald Trump adviser says ‘If China doesn’t like it, screw ’em’ as diplomatic row escalates

Donald Trump should not worry about insulting China and if Beijing objects to him speaking to Taiwan, “screw ’em”, an economic adviser to the US president-elect has said.

Stephen Moore, chief economist of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington, said Mr Trump was right to risk China’s displeasure by speaking on the phone with the president of Taiwan, which the Chinese regard as a breakaway province.

He said: “Too many namby-pamby people in the foreign policy shop are saying ‘Oh my gosh we can’t do this, we might insult the Chinese.’ I don’t care if we insult the Chinese.

“Taiwan is our ally. That is a country that we have backed because they believe in freedom. We ought to back our ally, and if China doesn’t like it, screw ’em.”