Donald Trump will have a 1 hour presidential parade instead on 6 hours; host 3 presidential balls instead of 10; has banned lobbyists from contributing to inauguration events; and will start overturning Obama’s executive orders before he leaves capital for the white house.

Previously, that ball had just enlisted members of the U.S. military in attendance. Trump is going to expand that ball to include first responders like police, firefighters and EMTs—and will also allow in veterans, military families and wounded warriors.

It is so nice to be proud of my president, for once.

WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Obama’s $20 Trillion Debt An Unprecedented Disaster!

obama gun nuts

The New York Post reported in August that “Obama’s leaving his successor a national debt nightmare!”Under Obama the US is now clearly a debtor nation with an economy that is growing at the worst post-recession pace since the Great Depression.

By the time Barack Obama leaves office in January of 2017, he will have amassed a national debt of $20 trillion dollars. When he took over as President in January 2009 the US debt was $10.6 trillion. Obama will have doubled the US debt in his 8 years in office. This means that Obama will have added to the US debt as much as all prior 43 presidents have done cumulatively.


(Chart by Joe Hoft based on data)

In his first 6 years in office, Obama broke the world record for largest annual deficits accumulated under a President of any country ever. He went from $1.4 trillion in 2009, to $1.3 trillion in 2010, to $1.3 trillion in 2011 to $1.1 trillion in 2012, to $0.7 trillion in 2013 to $0.5 trillion in 2014. No other president has surpassed $0.5 trillion in a single year. George W Bush incurred $5 trillion in national debt over 8 years (which included 911, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 2008 recession) but Obama matched Bush’s debt in his first 4 years in office alone.

After such horrible numbers, Obama then brags about cutting the deficit by a third. This is true in that Obama cut the deficit from $1.4 trillion record amount set in 2009 to $0.5 trillion in 2015, but what Obama doesn’t share is that no other president came close to the more than $1 trillion deficits Obama incurred in his first 4 years in office. GW had a $0.5 trillion deficit but that was in 2008.

What’s really sad about Obama’s spending is that there isn’t much to show for it. No major infrastructure improvements have taken place. The military is in shambles and it appears NASA spends more time on global warming than on space exploration. The majority of the costs that led to Obama’s debts were in social programs.



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  • bonami

    I never understand why SS is in the national budget, it is a self-funding program not funded by the US govt. My guess is by putting it in as a line item they can bemoan the “cost” , claim they have to “save” it and use whatever plan they come up with to give the SS funds to their banking pals.

    • Tom

      SS didn’t used to be included in the national budget, for exactly the reason you cite — it was a separate self-funding program. It was finally put into the budget to make military spending, which had grown to an embarrassing percentage of the total, appear smaller.

      • bonami

        Thank you, do you feel that it also is done to be able to bemoan the cost, confusing people to think the Govt has to pay retirees rather than the Govt has to pay back retirees? Thank you again.

        • Tom

          The evidence for what you say is in how they have stated calling SS an “entitlement” so people will confuse it with welfare programs that people have NOT paid into, and so that if they decide to shut off or reduce SS, people will think retirees are just receiving less welfare, rather than having their retirement savings stolen.

          I wish that instead of being forced to pay into the government’s Ponzi scheme, there had been a mandate for all workers to take an equal percent of wages that is paid into SS and purchase precious metals in an allocated account stored in a certified and bonded vault in the town in which I live. It would have kept up nicely with inflation and been much more difficult for the government to steal.

          • bonami

            Interesting idea, but Roosevelt had just ended gold backed dollars replacing them with silver backed dollars to recapitalize the banks. He might not have wanted to potentially distort the metals market at the same time as he was refunding the banks and introducing a social security program:)

  • NobodysaysBOO

    It has been so LONG since the US CITIZENS have seen an HONEST politician or a real president of the people it is great already.DRAIN the swamp and build that WALL HIGH!

  • Tom

    I wonder if Trump will make the Marine Corps contingent take the bolts out of their rifles for the parade like Obama did? I doubt it. Marines are the last branch of the military to fully support the Constitution, in fact it is *required* reading for their officers. But at least in the enlisted ranks and junior officers, I think all branches support Trump like no other president in our lifetimes.

    • Nuthinbutnet

      My take is, all military branches are behind Mr. Trump. Barring all the rank officers that were put in place by BO over the last couple of years. The one’s he fired appear to be in Trump’s fold. Trump has backing. And the cabals know they can’t do anything about it, at this point, except to get a great number of people believing them, which ain’t gonna happen. MSM have sealed their own doom.
      Never had a Twitter account. Guess I’m gonna have to get one. 45MN Trumpsters? Wow!

    • Gilfavor

      Hey Tom, there is a video from ’05 from GWB’s inauguration , the bolts were out, during that parade too.

  • ????GLO????????? President ?????????

    Always working hard for us. So appreciate that. God Bless PE Trump.

  • Johnny Canuck

    Watch as President Trump’s mighty Pen takes down the Obama “Legacy”, stroke by stroke. Congratulations from a Canadian Patriot, America! Trump is already creating a new Legacy, one that puts America and, hopefully, the Western World back on track to where there is some g-damn Sanity.

    Enough of the Marxist BS!!!

  • Nuthinbutnet

    BO tried to play the “ki-da-dolla” dance, but failed like everything else he did. What he did with the $ is a huge issue, too. These people obviously thought HRC was the anointed one. Are we really seeing the fall of the Bolsheviks? You know, the commies that took over Russia back in 1917. I believe these people came here, resulting in our very close shave with full-blown communism, here. Never have seen such racist remarks directed toward one race, from people of the ‘same’ race and trying to divide the people. Nobody likes them anymore. They think we do.
    Now, we get lies and outright “subversion” of our form of government. We came that close.
    And it ain’t over yet. His ‘handlas’ calling the shots, now. The people aren’t buyin it. Could get ugly. More Democrats’s coming to Trump. They can see, also. Is this right? Did I like the last 40 yrs? Why do we always have to have a “bull-shitter” for president? This speaks for itself, already.
    As stated previously, “we are saving the democrats from themselves”. And they will like it…Peace