Doom Is On!! Groups, churches urged to prepare for WORST!!!

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They say they’re not doomsdayers or survivalists, but a handful of people who met in a small room at a Mahomet church last week say they believe it’s time to prepare for emergencies and disasters. And they want others to the same.

The group, known informally as the Christian Emergency Preparedness Network, wants church and civic groups to band together and prepare food, water, equipment, expertise, security and more for what they believe is an impending crisis.

It has nothing to do with the upcoming election, says David Pike, a crop scientist who lives in Champaign and is retired from the University of Illinois.

“We’re not here to generate fear, but we’re here to generate an awareness and then a preparedness,” he told about two dozen people last Wednesday night in the upstairs meeting room at the Mahomet Community Free Church.

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