DOUG CASEY: My Last Great Bull Market -Blockchain, Then Gold!


In this insightful interview, Doug Casey is our special guest to discuss the financial renaissance and the transfer of wealth as Blockchain technology continues to disrupt a wide variety of sectors.
Further insights are shared regarding the educational system and the current outlook on the Gold Markets.

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01:00 Inspiration behind the book ‘speculator’
03:20 Cryptocurrency and the evolution of money
06:00 Can Gold backed digital assets work?
08:30 Developing countries urgent need for Bitcoin
10:20 Opportunities and the technological renaissance
12:30 What makes HIVE Blockchain Technologies an amazing opportunity?
15:40 Precious Metals overshadowed by Blockchain technology
22:00 Government subsidies
24:00 Internet disrupting the redundant education system
27:30 Update and analysis on the Gold Markets



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