Dow Futures Plunge 240 Points As Oil Drops 4% Ahead Of China PMI

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the stability-preaching talking heads, crude futures are sliding and US equity futures are tumbling as Asia opens. Worse still XIV (VIX inverse ETF) has tumbled to fresh lows with a 24 handle in the after-hours market, suggesting more downside for stocks. With all eyes on China PMIs – though, there is little need for a weak PMI to be present for China to unleash moar measures, and a strong PMI will be scoffed at – it seems, the end-of-month rip-fest is fading fast…


Oil is sliding back..

As Goldman explains,

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within the context of the global oil market balance, rising OPEC and elevated non-OPEC ex. US production leave the global oil market still oversupplied with a decline in US production in 2016 increasingly likely to halt the build in inventories. For example, OPEC production rose by 485 kb/d between April and June as US production declined by 316 kb/d.


As a result, we reiterate our view that oil prices have to remain low, with our near-term WTI forecast of $45/bbl, to rebalance the oil market by late 2016


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