Dozens of Economic Forecasters And Military Insiders Are Saying America Is Headed for Unrest

Due to the global unrest, currency wars and social outcry, many believe this could be the point of collapse. Although it’s not certain what will happen, dozens of economic forecasters and military insiders are saying America is headed for unrest. Was the lock down in MA a sign that it’s started to happen already?


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  • bob1

    “Was the lock down in MA a sign that it’s started to happen already?”

    Yes, the exercise was very successful. There wasn’t any reason to pull families out of occupied homes like that without an alterior motive.

  • William Ellison


  • Dark-star

    America needs a change, A change that will not just lead to a better America but a better world too. Countless invasions justified by fake stories, controlled press, wars, a $15tr loan all this seriously has to end. I still dream of a day when I will see George Bush and Barak Obama facing trial in the ICC. The “guardians of democracy” actually are communists.

  • euro

    This had absolutely nothing with locating two so called “Terrorists” on the run. No, this was planned long ago as a “field operation” to see the strengths and the weaknesses of the Enemy. If Boston is any indication, the so called uprising of the patriots is but a figment of gun owners imaginations. It ain’t gonna happen on any large scale. The masses will grab their ankles and scream out in fear “Ream us”, “Ream us”, “Ream Us”. Then, they will get reamed, LITERALLY, in the FEMA camps before their throats a slit.

    • uomolibero

      You’re exactly right. This was a beta test to find out whether or not they could cower an entire city into a state of total submissiveness. Not only were they able to freely (and illegally) enter homes and chase out the frightened occupants by force, but they were cheered wholeheartedly for their “courage” and “heroism.” Yes, it was indeed an unprecedented victory for the overlords of Amerika. Now they know what they can do. And they will keep doing it. And all these brave patriots with their brave talk about armed resistance will have a chance to act out their fantasies.

      • Fred

        It was a beta test but asymmetrical resistance self organizes slowly. It took years to develop
        in Afghanistan and they were under a full scale military assault not soft martial law. In Afghanistan

        they have 25,000 seminary students with 75 year old rifles and they have fought the entire
        US military to a standstill for over 10 years. Here in the US we have 10’s millions of patriots
        integrated into the police, the ,military, the government, industry and every other facet of society.
        The real resistance when it begins won’t be people shooting at police out of their windows or

        cowering in their front yards. It will be a concerted effort to undermine the system from within by
        the very people who built it. I’m just minding my own business right now watching whats going
        on with disgust. But I used to work in the defense industry and I know how many of their systems
        work. I used to design them… There are 10’s of millions of people like me who could if provoked
        enough develop counter measures for these systems. 10’s of millions who could quietly throw lots

        of sand in the gears. Remember, an asymmetrical resistance of only 25,000 seminary students
        beat the entire US military in Afghanistan. How do you think 10’s of millions of engineers,
        scientists and others fully integrated into the machine here would fare???

        • shitswatter

          Problem is, you can’t assume, or predict how anything will play out in regards to the tyranny. It could increase a pace or two or three, and people could, as you say, mind their own business in disgust for some many years, as millions of the population are culled, marginalized, etcetera.

          You can’t predict the future. All you can know for sure is what you see happending right now in front of you.

  • Mustard Tiger

    It’s coming. The timing and trigger is uncertain. It could be some assassination or it could be a viral fake that sets off a chain of events. The money will not flow indefinitely, so we should all know it’s coming.

  • René Martin

    Don’t you know

    They’re talkin’ bout a revolution

    It sounds like a whisper

    Don’t you know

    They’re talkin’ about a revolution

    It sounds like a whisper

    While they’re standing in the welfare lines

    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation

    Wasting time in the unemployment lines

    Sitting around waiting for a promotion

    Poor people gonna rise up

    And get their share

    Poor people gonna rise up

    And take what’s theirs

    Don’t you know

    You better run, run, run

    Oh I said you better

    Run, run, run

    Finally the tables are starting to turn

    Talkin’ bout a revolution

  • Bryan Hoover

    Next, in addition to eviction, they’ll be loading people on to buses — for their own safety.