Drexel University Professor Calls for Death of White Americans

By Gabrielle Seunagal

Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher has recently come under fire for tweets and comments promoting violence and fatality towards white people. Many Americans have expressed their discontentment with Ciccariello-Maher’s remarks, especially on Christmas Eve when he tweeted, “All I Want For Christmas is White Genocide.” The professor later deleted the tweet, claiming it to be a joke, but a plethora of Americans were not amused. Following the backlash, Ciccariello-Maher stated that “white is not a race.”


Drexel University publicly stated that the professor’s comments were “utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing,” and in complete contrast with the institution’s values. The Daily Reporter announced that Ciccariello-Maher was scheduled to meet with university authorities to discuss his remarks. It is astounding that the professor has not been fired: his commentary is inexcusably racist and promotes division, which is the last thing America needs. If an instructor made the exact same statements about black people, he would be fired within hours. Racism should never be tolerated.


Ciccariello-Maher’s statements about white not being a race directly contrasts with his earlier declarations in which he says, “Yacub made a lot of white folks.” Yacub is a Nation of Islam deity; NOI followers believe that Yacub created the white race as ‘devils.’ The professor’s racist and divisive remarks have no place anywhere, let alone on a college campus where people in his position are authority figures and supposed to serve as role models to young people. What message does it send to the students of Drexel University when Ciccariello-Maher is permitted to spew derogatory, bigoted rhetoric?



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  • Wile E Genius

    Come here & say that!

  • evader2014

    Trigger words “white genocide.”

    Where’s my safe space sanctuary, you intolerant Drexel bigots?!

  • frankw

    Careful, Prof. AS ye sow, so shall ye reap.

    • Jaime Glibb

      The sonofabitch needs to be reaped now.

  • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

    This is what “professors” have become, racist pieces of schit promoting “hate whitey” for everything and the Progressive agenda. The fact that the institutions are so ridden with these scum is testament alone that Higher Education in America is a complete farce that is a for profit business and nothing else. The USA education system needs to be dismantled completely. these RACIST murder inciting pieces of schit, need to be held to account , in the most severe manners possible.

    • KilltheBank

      How long until a night of long knives?
      Depends on if they keep getting away with murder while we are arrested for non crimes.

  • Tracy Lott


  • Cere

    I’m white. I like it.

  • zzzak666

    Just another mongrel wanting to be white.

  • junktex

    Politically correct hate speech

  • Sink Chicken

    “White is not a race” then Black is not a race?

  • Linda Sellers

    EVERYONE email Drexal University!! This anti-white pos must be fired. Whites are fighting back! Hope someone beats the living shit out of this disgusting racist. Hating whites because they’re white IS RACIST.

  • nineleven

    he needs to be removed from this college of “higher learning”. alumni need to deliver a strong message to the college to say, “oh sorry, we will not be contributing to your Drexel until Professor George Ciccariello-Maher is severely disciplined or removed by the board.” money talks and guarantee, they WILL listen. one year of a downturn in philanthropic revenue creates a mega panic in the heart of the administration.