Dumpster-diving for dinner and medical trials for cash: Extreme cheapskate accountant reveals her $4,000-per-month money-saving secrets

A New York City woman who dumpster-dives for all her food, doesn’t use toilet paper or do laundry, in an effort to have $250,000 in savings by next year has shared her secrets of frugality.

Kay Hashimoto, a Certified Public Accountant, hasn’t bought toiletries in ten years, but owns her own home in Harlem, which she bought in 2010 and paid off in nine months.

Her money-saving methods, featured in the new series Extreme Cheapskates which premieres tonight, includes using soap to wash herself off after using the toilet, participating in medical trials, cutting her own hair, washing her clothes while showering, and running to work instead of taking the subway.

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Frugal finds: Kay Hashimoto, a Certified Public Accountant, dumpster-dives for food, but owns her own home in Harlem, which she bought in 2010 and paid off in nine months

Ms Hashimoto told the New York Post: ‘I’ve always been frugal, but it was when I was laid off in the dot-com crash that I became extreme.

‘No job is guaranteed, so I live as if I could be fired at any time.’

She added that Manhattan is a melting pot for quality dumpster-diving, admitting that she visits the Upper West Side three times a week to look for free food.



Food: $15

Clothing: $0

Toiletries: $0.17 a month on toothpaste

Harlem condo: $237

401(k) financial plan: $1,000

Puts into savings: $4,000

Goal: $250,000 in savings by next year

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