EAM Message Format EXTREMELY Changed Format

What is a Emergency Action Message? (EAM)


So these *could* be very active if, when, or before any action in NK breaks out. The thing is they send them often as tests also. However this week the formatting suddenly changed.


So they still *may* send tests, drills, or other items that don’t mean all hell is breaking loose.

Most importantly though when it does hit the fan they WILL be using these. So how can you listen?

If you have a receiver capable of USB there are several frequencies:

4724,6739,8992,11175 Primary,13200,15016

if you do not have a receiver you can listen online (hopefully we don’t DDoS the page)



That link is primarily used by Ham Radio operators in checking signal strength from there location to the Netherlands where the receiver is located. It is run my a college radio club.As such I ask PLEASE if you use the chat feature no Swearing, or GLPisms (bring in the tomato plants) The normal users of this page could get annoyed, or offended if we are not very courteous. They could even lock out access to no Hams via a licence check.

there is also a chat box on the bottom

HF Global Communications System (HFGCS)