East Coast braces for the ‘wallpaper paste’ snowstorm: 1,200 flights cancelled as Midwest’s monster blizzard heads for New York and Washington

  • Large weather system passing over Midwest and onto East Coast
  • Could dump 8-12 inches in Chicago and surrounding areas on Tuesday
  • Expected to pass through New York City by Wednesday evening
  • On Wednesday morning all flights in and out of JFK were operating on time
  • More than 1,200 flights cancelled, mostly from Chicago’s O’Hare and Washington’s Dulles airports
  • Wisconsin semi-truck driver dead and passenger missing as vehicle plunged into Wisconsin lake from icy road
  • Winds of up to 55mph in New York area with rain and snow showers

A vicious winter storm bringing strong winds and heavy ‘wallpaper paste’ snow that battered much of the Midwest is heading for the East Coast.

The snowstorm has forced more than 1,200 flights to be cancelled, including 900 from Chicago’s O’Hare International, and has left the roads a slushy mess as the Windy City is expecting as much as a foot of snow.

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In Minnesota, authorities reported more than 120 crashes, though none of them fatal. However, a truck driver in Wisconsin is believed dead after his semi-truck fell over an icy bridge and into a frozen pond; rescue crews are working to retrieve the body of the truck’s passenger.

On Wednesday morning all flights in and out of JFK were operating on time.

The storm, called Winter Storm Saturn by the Weather Channel, is slowly crawling east, where it is expected to dump several inches of wet snow, sleet, and ice on the nation’s capital. Flights out of Dulles have preemptively been canceled.

As a jibe at Washington and the weather, Members of the Capital Weather Gang have named the blizzard ‘Snowquester’ after the crippling sequester effects that are being carried out.

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