EAT SILVER! Adding silver to antibiotics INCREASES effectiveness 1000 TIMES!

  • Silver could be used to help fight antibiotic resistance
  • Can make bugs which are antibiotic resistant treatable
  • Works by making bacteria more ‘leaky’, allowing antibiotics to get inside them and kill them
  • Britain’s top doctor says the rise of drug-resistant superbugs could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’

Silver could be a precious weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Scientists have shown that giving tiny amounts of silver at the same time as antibiotics makes the drugs up to a thousand times more effective.

The finding comes in the wake of warnings by Britain’s top doctor that the rise of drug-resistant superbugs could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ in which even routine operations such as hip surgery become deadly because we have run out of antibiotics.

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COLLOIDAL SILVER Side Effects & Safety

Colloidal silver is LIKELY UNSAFE for use. The silver in colloidal silver products gets deposited in vital organs such as the skin, liver, spleen, kidney, muscle, and brain. This can lead to an irreversible bluish skin discoloration that first appears in the gums. It can also stimulate melanin production in skin, and areas exposed to the sun will become increasingly discolored.

Using Silver Products for Health