Eating meat kills 1 in 30 people

This has surely got something to do with the horsemeat stuff. I don’t mean literally eating horsemeat, but with some wider agenda.

I don’t think a story like this is coincidence.

  • Analysis of diets of 500,000 linked meat to cancer and heart disease deaths
  • Should be ‘limit of no more than 20g a day of processed meat’, equal to one rasher of cheap bacon or one full English breakfast a week

Meals containing too much processed meat such as cheap ham, bacon and sausages could send you to an early grave, a large-scale study has found.

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Analysis of the diets and medical history of almost half a million men and women linked processed meat to deaths from cancer and heart disease.

The Europe-wide research, including work by Oxbridge scientists, found that processed meat is to blame for about one in 30 deaths.

The researchers suggested a limit of no more than 20g a day of processed meat – equal to one rasher of cheap bacon.…y-harmful.html


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